Welcome to sublevel9 lab!

I seem to be better at starting blogs than actually maintaining them, but I hope this one will be different.

I've spent much of these COVID times with my head down working on projects in the studio -- ranging from wrangling cables to see how low I can get my noise floor; to learning DIY skills so that I can fix my own vintage synth gear; to curating a toolkit of pre-configured instruments and patches in Ableton Live; to figuring out how to get my Expert Sleepers stuff to talk to anything... you get the idea.

Notice I didn't mention working on music. That's been happening too, but it's really easy to fall into the focus tunnel on nerdy projects. I've actually recorded a sizable body of material since my gradenko album, NOVI NORI (2017). These things take time when you're a one person show.

I've also grown a pretty good backlog of completed projects, things I've figured out, and how-tos that I hope to share here. I decided to kick things off with a couple older posts that I moved from my main sublevel9 studios blog, since I'd like to keep that one dedicated to music.

So here's to information sharing and (I hope) a good source of info.